European Employment Conference

How can visual impairment organisations and institutions promote blind and partially sighted people's employment ?
Paris, 17-20 July 2003

Table of contents

17 July, Morning

Allocution d'Ouverture par Madame Gabriella BATTAINI-DRAGONI (Conseil de l'Europe, Strasbourg)

Vocational Training

17 July, Afternoon

Information to Business

Employment Support

18 July, Morning

Support to Job Integration in the Open Labour Market

18 July, Afternoon

Direct Employment by Organisations of the Visually Impaired

Employment Situation Evaluation and Search for New Career Opportunities

19 July, Morning

How to Promote the Employment of the Visually Impaired ?

Organisations of the Visually Impaired : Employment Strategies for the Future

Synthesis, by Philippe CHAZAL, President of EBU Commission on Rehabilitation, Vocational Training and Employment