Commission on Mobility and Access to Transport

This Commission works to improve the environment and to secure equal travel opportunities for blind and partially sighted people with their sighted peers. Mobility is a fundamental aspect of independent living and social inclusion. It is essential that blind and partially sighted people can travel safely. It is equally essential that they do not incur any additional travel cost because of their disability.


The Commission's previous plans of action are available from EBU Office.

Membership list 2007-2011

Chairperson: Jill Allen-King, MBE (UK)
Board representative: Mokrane Boussaid
Belgium: Harry Geyskens
France: Karine Garnier
Greece: Panagiotis Markostamos
Italy: Giuseppe Bilotti
The Netherlands: Berry den Brinker
Russia: Oleg Isayenko
Sweden: Ronny Blidberg

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