Information on low-tech,
low-priced assistive devices

Low-tech and low price assistive devices for the visually impaired

This information on technical devices for the blind and partially sighted has been compiled by the EBU Commission on Cooperation with Blind and Partially Sighted in Developing Countries. The information has been retrieved from a number of producers, distributors and institutions across the globe. It is not exhaustive and some information might need to be updated.

The overview contains information on aids within the following categories:

The information is intended to be useful for donors and sponsors as well as organizations and individuals in developing countries. The purpose of this website containing links and descriptions is to serve as a focal point through which you may get contact addresses, get an overall impression of articles available for the visually impaired people and receive guidance as to where you may find sources of referral to producers, materials or distributors.

The information is, at present, only available in English, but should also be provided in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Please note that this website is merely referring to the product descriptions of distributors, thus the EBU cannot be held responsible for any content of the websites referred to in the present overview. Any requests, suggestions, or comments regarding this service may be sent to the following e-mail address :